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              • 技術參數
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              名稱 參數
              1、臂架和大型結構均采用高強度鋼板制作,具有超強的抗彎、抗變形能力;通過有限元分析和 仿真等手段,滿足輕量化設計要求。

                The boom and large scale structure are made of high-strength steel plate, which guarantee our products against bending and deformation; Through the methods of finite element analysis and dynamic simulation, the boom can realize lightweight design.


                All aluminum chain system, light weight, better protection,avoiding serious disorder and rupture of the cables and oil-pipes,which is caused by over-bending of boom and cantilever tow-chain.


                Stainless steel controlling box and controlling panel are firmer, it improves water resistance.


                Turntable swing 360°, Platform swing 160°, forearm 130°(+70°/-60°)amplitude, more wide for operating range.


                Full solid tires and Four-Wheel-Drive, Four turning modes can be achieved front-wheel turning、rear-wheel turning、front&rear-wheel turning and slanting drive,powerful gradeability. So that it has powerful and flexible mobility. Fully automatic stretch axle, driven by telescopic hydro-cylinder,the wheel axis can fully ensure stability of the whole machine while working.


                It can accurately weight what on the platform with automatic division of various load levels, it ensures safe operation.The measurement accuracy is not affected by the location of the weights within the workbench. Once the platform is overloaded , it will alarm with sound and light, and stop working automatically and immediately. Maximum load capacity is 480kg,which is the first in the world recently.


                Advanced CAN-BUS controlling mode, simple circuit, easy maintenance and excellent reliability; Fully enclosed circuit design, Avoiding accidents, we use expensive circuit to replace of it; All of electrical connectors are high-quality steel connector of aerial craft. The protection level reaches IP65; Automatic Range Restrictor, range restriction, safety alarm,auto speed restriction, making the product more intelligent; Emergency Power Unit, it ensures retracting in case of engine failure; Humanizing joystick, it makes operators feel convenient and comfortable.


                All of hydraulic components are Made-in-Europe or Made-in-China, which ensure high reliability;

                All of movements are achieved to electrodeless variable-speed by electric-hydro proportional valve, which enhances the machine's jiggling ability. The hydraulic system are composed of oil-absorbing filter,high-pressure filter and return oil filter, which fully ensures the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.

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